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Working Group 4: Nano-and micro scale particulate contaminants

Co-Leading Team:

EAWAG (Switzerland)

NIVA (Norway)




The steeply increasing production volumes of engineered nanomaterials as well as incidental and natural particulate contaminants will eventually lead to a proliferation of these materials in the environment, with poorly understood  effects on ecosystems. Therefore this working group focuses on increasing our understanding of particle behaviour in the environment and the resulting consequences on ecosystems.

The activities of this working group include:

  • Addressing the fate and transformation of particulate contaminants in natural (e.g. freshwater, floodplains, marines systems) and technical (wastewater treatment, sewage treatment) systems;
  • Developing analytical methods (including sampling, sample preparation e.g. particle extraction, clean-up and analytical tools to detect, quantify and characterise particulate contaminants in complex matrices);
  • Establishing a platform facilitating  access to research infrastructure and promoting exchanges of methods and materials.

The work is organised in three Task Groups:

Task Group I: Fate and Transport of ENMs (Ralf Kaegi)
Task Group II: The Analytical Toolbox (Björn Meermann)
Task Group III: From Toxicity Studies to Regulation (Ailbhe Macken)


Contact: Ralf Kaegi, Bert van Bavel


List of participants


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